Make voyages. Attempt them. There is nothing else.
— Tennessee Williams

Maren Kohlwage

I love movement! And all the joy, freedom and vitality that it brings.  Depending on how I move my body, it can make me feel strong, challenged, curious, light…but above all present.  I think that one key to happiness is presence and movement is a way to cultivate it. And I believe that conscious movement is physical and spiritual, an opportunity to discover the life force within you.  Movement can be as big as doing cartwheels across the room or as little as your lungs expanding while you are sitting in meditation. 



I love empowering people to cultivate strength and ease within their bodies through conscious movement practises and insight;  so that they can feel the innate joy within themselves and develop the motivation to self-care, become self-aware and deepen the connection to themselves.

Movement is life and we are designed to move. I believe that real change is an inside job which requires patience and perseverance and I love to guide people on that path to discover their personal freedom of movement, literally and metaphorically. In my eyes no-one is broken and I work on the premise that no one needs ‘fixing’.  We all have an individual movement ‘signature’ and our life stories are etched into our beings.  It is never too late to come back home to the freedom of your body and your mind, regardless of where you are at.

In doing this work I can focus my energy with passion and creativity which helps me stay on track and curb my tendency to wonder and meander. But to know that I can effect positive change in many different people’s lives gives me a sense of purpose that puts the everyday challenges and distractions into perspective.  That helps me to persist, to never stop learning, to overcome fear, to sail through the storm, to walk the extra mile, to let go of the habitual burdens that weigh me down for no useful reason.. so that I can move to the sound of my own drum and create the deep unfolding of who I am meant to be, for the benefit of all.



I was always on the move when I was a child: cycling, running, hopping, skipping, jumping, skating, swimming..

I think as children we are naturally present in every move we make, we are explorers of our physicality and the physical world around us. But that can get lost as we get older.  From moving consciously and curiously, we often switch to going through the motions: They are very different things!  The joy is lost and with it the motivation to move.  And then we start going into exile from our bodies, we discount the signals and ignore our needs and with it the possibilities for joy and expression that our bodies offer us.

I have experienced this exile from my body myself, the traumatic loss of my twin brother sent me off into a tailspin of emotional, mental and physical numbness.  I completely lost myself and with it the will to feel, think and move.  But even in those darkest hours I experienced how a stroll, a bike ride or some exercise could suspend my grief for brief moments. Healing from my loss was complex and drawn-out and I’m not saying that movement has healed me.  But movement offered some relief sometimes. I wished I had yoga and meditation by my side at that time but I didn’t. Nevertheless I experienced the power of the mindbody connection – how the body can affect the mind and vice versa.

Some years later yoga finally  found me again (after a brief affair in London in the 90’s) and it threw me a my life-line during my corporate career; I had turned my passion of light into the profession of a lighting designer; the work was interesting but the pace and pressure were relentless and the only way to safeguard my mental and physical health was to go to yoga 3 to 4 times a week.  

My sudden and unforeseen redundancy was a huge shock but it turned out to be the best thing. I had been stuck and unhappy and this ‘blow’ gave me the opportunity to do some soul-searching  and redirect my energy.  

I immersed myself in yoga teacher training  and it was like coming home. To my body, to my mind, to my exploratory self.  I love to constantly expand my knowledge to add more pieces to my teacher puzzle.. and in the summer of 2016 I had a huge ‘Aha’ experience when I went to a Fascial Yoga Training retreat in Europe on the recommendation of a friend.  I didn’t know very much about fascia but what I learned and experienced shifted my whole understanding of anatomy and of what we experience on the yoga mat.

I am so captivated by Fascia and the constantly evolving discoveries on the subject that I decided to expand my teaching practise and I enrolled in the Fascial Fitness Trainer program in Germany, the epicentre of Fascia research.  I am now the only qualified Advanced Fascial Fitness Trainer in Sydney and I’m determined to spread the benefits of the Fascial Fitness training principles here in Australia.



200h RYT Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Breadner, Sydney

500h RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Breadner, Bali

Prana Flow Teacher Training with Shiva Rea, New Zealand

Training in Yoga for Eating Disorders with Nikola Ellis, Sydney

Training in Yoga for Hormonal Disorders with Jutta Wohlrab,Sydney

Fascia Yoga Training with Daniela Meinl,Italy

Fascial Fitness Teacher Training with Divo Mueller, Sydney

Fascial Fitness Advanced Teacher Training, Divo Mueller & Robert Schleip, Germany

Sports Medicine and the MELT Method Workshop, Sue Hitzmann-Whelan, Germany

Anatomy Trains: Assessing In-Series Myofascial Tensioning in Sports Training and Rehabilitation Workshop,  Thomas Myers, Germany


I am also interested in the less tangible aspect of being human and i hold certificates in Reiki, Zen Shiatsu & Intuitive Development.