Private Yoga 

Private yoga tutoring is all about YOU! .  

We will study your posture and your distinct movement patterns and look at specific injuries and general health conditions: that is the  foundation for our time together.  Then we will consider your personal intentions and goals and create a class schedule  that is tailored just for you. 

 Yoga used to be taught exclusively on a one-to-one basis and some postures can be difficult to attain properly without the guidance and adjustment of a knowledgeable teacher.  'Properly' is referring to a safe and sensible approach to yoga poses that takes your unique physique into consideration.  Every body brings their individual signature to a yoga pose and one flawless downward dog might look very different to the next but they areboth perfect expressions of the pose. 


Private yoga sessions can be very beneficial for your motivation to create and develop your own personal home yoga practise and they can also be  convenient if you find it difficult to attend regular yoga classes or simply prefer to practise in private.

The classes focus on balancing the body , developing self-awareness and restoring vitality, ease and wellbeing.  Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation as an integral part of the yoga asana (postures) practise.

Class rates:

1 one-on-one teaching sessions:  $100 per class( purchased in 4 week blocks).

Private groups class (max of 4): $ 150 per class

Please get in touch to discuss any enquiries:


T 0415 278 163